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benedicta gafah
benedicta gafah

I work hard for my money, don’t compare me to Moesha – Gafah

Elegant Kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafah, has insisted that everything she owns is through hard work and not by sleeping around with married men as wide spread.

According to the actress, she moves from one set location to the other for her movie roles and sometimes barely has time to sleep.

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Arguing that, the fact that she (Benedicta Gafah) drives a good car does not mean that she sleeps around for it.

“I am on different sets shooing from one location to the other just to make ends meet. I wake up at dawn reading scripts and sometimes forget to eat the whole day”

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” I drive the best of cars so anyone would think I did something ‘ illegal’ to acquire them but it is hard work that earned me that ,” she added.

“It took me awhile to accept this man but I am still doing my investigations because I want to be sure of who I am giving my heart to”

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“It is my prayer God sees us through and make us a wonderful couple. Although I am hopeful

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