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Ernest Opoku speaks tongues when ejaculating – NAYAS

Apparently, actress and movies producer, NAYAS is still drooling over Ernest Opoku weeks after their media fight. She is still reminiscing about the bedroom skills of the gospel singer.

NAYAS and Ernest Opoku made news weeks ago when NAYA accused Ernest Opoku of abandoning her after he impregnated her. She claims Ernest Opoku after promising her marriage abandoned her and gave her 15 pieces of cloths and GHS5000 to abort the pregnancy.

The gospel singer denied the allegations but later admitted blaming the devil for pushing him into it. He even requested Ghanaian Christians to pray for him to overcome his s*xual urges.

Ghanaians were bashing Ernest Opoku when NAYAS did the unthinkable by storming the studio of Adom FM where Ernest Opoku was performing a live worship to lash him with canes live on air for betraying her.

Ernest had her arrested and it was later revealed that she faked the pregnancy to disgrace him and the case died somewhere along the line.

But NAYAS is still talking about Ernest Opoku. In an interview with Kofi TV, the actress revealed that Ernest is very good in bed and she made sure she satisfied him very well too. She told the host that Ernest Opoku speaks Tongues whenever he is ej*culating.

“Ernest Opoku loves my s*x organ like I do like his. When we meet, I start the process. I give him the styles from left to right and I bring it to the center for him.”

He is good in bed because he can do all that a man needs to do. When Ernest Opoku is ej*culating, he speaks in tongues and I will respond with Amen, Amen and also top it up with styles,” NAYAS said.