Watch Video: SHS Girls Tw£rking and Shaking Their A$$ Leaks Over The Internet

We learnt phones are not allowed in our Senior High Schools but two videos circulating online sees two SHS students(girls) twerking and shaking their ‘assets’.

The manner in which they are twerking is not only s£xually provocative but makes one question where and why they learned how to do that. How could they even record such an act in a dormitory and classroom?

Why do students in SHS delight in posting nudes and doing silly things in their dormitories and classrooms where we know phones are not allowed?

We don’t know the schools the two videos came from yet but we are digging to bring you full details of the school and names of the students involved in these acts. Keep reading more stories here.

Watch the videos below…

SHS Girls Tw£rking and Shaking Their A$$ Takes Over The Internet

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