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efia odo
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Efia Odo goes “crazy” in latest video

Television presenter Efia Odo has once again stirred controversy on social media after being accused of being “high” on drugs in her latest video.

The fast-rising presenter posted a one-minute video in which was she singing and jamming to the late Ebony’s “Kupe” hit song. Efia looked hyperactive as she sang, occasionally stopping to laugh out, whiles being recorded.

The video was accompanied by the caption: “Listen God aint gimme a voice cuz he know Beyoncé wouldn’t have a career by now.” However, the said video quickly divided opinion among her fans with some praising her expressive nature, whiles others accused her of being high on drugs.

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Some of the comments read: “say no to tramadol”, “are you on weed?”, “Are you okay dear?”, “Is this how your crush’s tramol is?”, “She needs help, probably on drugs”, and “Aaaaah, sister Efia what are you doing to yourself?” It is unknown if Efia Odo was truly on drugs or not, but from the video it’s obvious she was really enjoying herself.

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