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Slay Queen In ‘4some’ S£x Tape Has Reacted

Earlier today we reported on the story of the latest s£x tape leak in which one lady and three guys were having the time of their life whilst being recorded.

The lady in the video at the time was rumoured to be a product of St Louis SHS but apart from that very little was known about her.

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More has now been dug up about this s£x tape star and from the look of things she’s devastated at the leak of the tape.

According to her she didn’t know the s3x bout was being recorded and she didn’t give any consent to be recorded.

She also said she’s devastated at the leak and said Ghanaians should not judge her.

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“Everyone is just insulting me, it’s not like I knew about the video, I didn’t even know. It was even my mom who sent it to me and everyone is just saying BS to me. I don’t even know what to do again,” she said tearfully.

According to what we’ve gleaned she graduated from SHS only this year and she’s already a ‘star’. Not probably the way she wanted but those are the risks when you star in a s£x tape.

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Popular slay queen’s 3-on-1 S£x tape Leaks

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