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The danger of blame game

Human nature is selfish. We fight for what we need, when and how we need it. If our needs are not met we blame our lovers. We ignore the lump in our eyes and criticise the speck in our lover’s eyes. When something goes wrong, you have the natural tendency …

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Sex positions women love most


Women love sex. In fact, some women think about it just as often, if not more, then their male counterparts. They fantasize constantly and at great length (with you being the object of their desire, of course). These hot little fantasies can cover a broad spectrum of kink, but almost …

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Stunning Makeup Photos


Women who apply make-ups look beautiful all depending on how they apply the makeups on their face. Some women look much more beautiful without make-ups, however, majority of women in the 21st century prefer makeups offer natural looks. These stunning makeup photos on Peletin Adedoja’s makeup page, Dupsyglam and its …

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Why men simply love breasts so much

Why do men devote so much headspace to those big, bulbous bags of fat drooping from women’s chests? Scientists have never satisfactorily explained men’s curious breast fixation, but theorists are gonna theorize. So let’s take a tour of the sexy speculation surrounding the human bosom — with a few stops …

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